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Uniquely You- The Only You There Is

Who are you? What makes you special? Well…there is only one you. You are uniquely you. One of a kind. Even if you are a twin you are intricately designed to be you. If you were not here something would be missing-your smile, your personality- bubbly, outgoing, conservative, flamboyant, empathetic, emotional, not so emotional, super-smart-gifted, quiet, bold, introverted, extroverted, humor, lack of humor LOL, artistic, not so artistic, computer wiz, or maybe just simply good hearted.. whatever it may be… You are you and you are loved. You are noticed. Nothing about you can be duplicated. You are somebody to another somebody to many somebodies somewhere. You are somebody most especially to God. Fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God (Psalms 139) So special that God knows the number of hairs on your head. I mean that’s love… He knows your thoughts before they leave your mouth. That’s love. He gives you goodness and mercy to follow you everyday you wake up. (Psalm 23:6) That’s love. New mercy every day...That’s love..He counts your tears a places them in a bottle you mean so much…(psalm 56:8) That’s love. He chases after you with relentless love. He gives angels charge over you…That’s love…He gave His life so you can have life…That’s Love. You are valuable. So please take care of you physically, spiritually, mentally. Love You because God requires you to. Why? Because you can’t love another without loving yourself first and you can’t love Him without loving yourself and another. Those are the first commandments. Love You. You are the only you there is..God does… Yours Truly, Darshan Nicole

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