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Thank You, Father, For The Rain

This Sunday evening my husband and I decided to walk up Kennesaw Mountain with our puppy Kona. The walk up was fierce. I was sweating, heart racing, calves burning. The walk up the mountain is always more challenging than coming back down. Every time we take this journey up the mountain, I am just pacing myself and waiting to get to the top because the challenge to get there is just that-CHALLENGING. I enjoy the scenery every time, I enjoy the health benefits of the hike, I love the exercise and outdoors adventure but the endurance it takes to get there is like OMG…anyhoo we’re walking and it was hot hot hot…all of a sudden it was like the Lord sent a cooling wind, then, a little rain and then it poured. We were thankful for the wind that refreshed us to help us keep going.

When it rained and then poured…I found myself getting excited. Of course, we were running to get back down the mountain because it started thundering, but the harder it rained, the more refreshing and joyful I felt. I began to say thank you Lord for the refreshing, for the cleansing, for the drenching. We were soaked, but you know what? I personally did not care. My hair was soaked, I did not care, my clothes were drenched. I did not care; my new sneakers and socks were soaked and squishing LOL. I did not care. I could barely see because of the down pour, but I felt safe and secure and laughed all the way down. I was running down thinking Lord saturate us in your presence just like this. We want and need the refreshing wind and water of the Holy Spirit just like this. When we are in your presence it does not matter what else is going on, how we look, etc. When it comes to being in the presence of almighty God, and we are undone it does not matter who is watching, we just want God. We just hunger and thirst for Him. That is all that matters.

The other part of this is that you may be challenged with something right now. Not necessarily a negative challenge but you are being challenged to exercise your faith muscles to finish something or to start something. God will send a fresh wind when you need it. He will also send the blessing of the rain. There is freedom, joy, laughter, and healing in the rain. Yes, we enjoy the sun and we also enjoy the rain. Rainy days are not always dreary days. They are relaxing, calming, soothing, refreshing, exhilarating days. Let your glory rain on us Lord. May we soak and bask in your presence more and more. Thank you, Father, for the rain. #timesofrefreshing #wind #rain #god #holyspirit #jesus #spiritualdevelopment #healing #faith #youmatter #blessing #showers #abundance

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