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Tell Jesus Messiah

The woman at the well began ministry the same day she received a word of deliverance from Jesus. The one encounter with God was enough to start the mission and ministry of reconciliation. She couldn’t wait to go clean up her act and then go tell the story. But I believe that she was healed AS she went. Luke 17:14 There was no time to go sit and become theologically sound. The only thing she knew theologically was what she had experienced and that was her message. Go tell what you do know. Tell what God HAS done for you…She became an evangelist at the spoken word of Jesus. Her sermon was, “Come hear a man…” to point those around her in the direction of Jesus. What can you share about Jesus Today?

This is called stirring up the gift that is within you. Tell Jesus. Tell Jesus. Tell Jesus. Jesus Messiah. Lord of all. Jesus Messiah King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus Messiah The Governor and Bishop of our soul. Jesus Messiah The Son Of God. Jesus Messiah...

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