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How To Take Care Of Your Soul-Tip #5

Proverbs 4:24, " Keep your mouth free of perversity, keep corrupt talk from your lips." What we say out of our mouths is far reaching. Proverbs 18:21, "Life and death is in the power of the tongue". So our words can give life or bring death to our soul as well as to the people around us or persons on the other side of our words. Once a word goes out of your mouth it reaches the ear and recycles back to the mind where it started in the first place, recycling through the heart. Protect your soul by disciplining your mouth. Faithless words, self-defeating words, hateful words, derogatory words, self-harming words are like acid to your soul or to another persons soul. The mouth is one area that we are responsible to not only protect our soul but the soul of someone else. Choose to speak life. Edify your self and edify others. Give words of affirmation. Protect your soul by loving yourself, affirming yourself, and affirming others. #loveyourself #affirmation #encouragement #mentalhealth #church #ministry #motivationalspeaker #blog #podcast #christiancounseling #soulmatters #soulcare #bible #faith #hope #thebalmnetwork #darshannicole

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