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Choose Your Alliance

Form an alliance with the God who has your back; your best interest at the center of His agenda. Why pledge allegiance to the kingdom of darkness or this world? Satan does not like you. He cares nothing for your soul. In fact he wants your soul to be damned because his is.

When you form an alliance or decide to work for a company or organization, you look to see if they have values that are in alignment with yours. Do they offer good benefits? Do they set an atmosphere for growth and opportunity for success? Do they care about you as a person and your family life balance?

The enemy of your soul does not have values that help you maintain integrity or fulfill your purpose. His benefits are manufactured to look good but they lack substance. He does not care for you as a person or your family. He only wants to work and enslave you to spiritual death. He is not coming to your sick bed to bring comfort. He may come but he will come with lies and deceit. He will blame God telling you God let you get there in stead of exposing himself as the one who put you there. Choose and choose wisely. Choose and choose quickly.

Satan offers fame maybe and fortune but it comes with insurmountable collateral damage like depression, disease, low self esteem, poverty, ungodly soul ties, and broken homes to name a few. God offers to make your name great and give you the power to get wealth.(Deuteronomy 8:18) Jesus offers insurmountable blessing, peace that can still your soul in the craziest of circumstances, hope, prosperity of health, soundness of mind, a lifetime covenant of goodness and mercy, wisdom and relentless, unfailing love. You'll find these benefits written in the Holy bible. Pledge your allegiance to God.

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