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Changing Of The Guards

There is a Changing of the Guards taking place in the spirit. During this period in 2020, people are being repositioned. They are being assigned and reassigned. We think we were not prepared for this day, but God has been training us all along. We are learning as we go. Learning as situations arise because we have never faced this before. Sometimes events must take place for us to remember who is really in charge. Who it is that establishes and reestablishes order. We are becoming enlightened in new ways to the preeminence of God.

Many did not think their changing of guard graduation ceremony would look like this. Maybe you thought certain people would be there with you for this occasion, or maybe you even thought certain others would be the ones to hand you your diploma or perhaps give you your inauguration speech. Congratulations, God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit are who you got for this ceremony. They were there all along really.

During a ceremony graduates typically think on where do I go from here? I know I have a plan, but what really is next and what does it look like? 1 Corinthians 13:9 says, “We know in part and we prophesy in part.” We trust God with what He permits us to see and what we cannot see yet. Proverbs 19:21 says “Many are the plans in a man’s heart. But the counsel of the Lord it will stand.” What we plan may not come out exactly how we expected, but God’s perfect plan is just that-Perfect.

Spiritually speaking Some may think I did not pass every course or graduate with honors. Not everyone passes cum laude. As a matter of fact, many of the great leaders of the bible could tell you that bad tests were apart of their story. Yet God was with them every step of the way. To retest and re-quiz them over and over until they passed if need be. One bad grade does not forfeit your graduation to the next grade level. Of course, if you fail several courses then just like in school you may be held back a grade.

Some courses you did well, still others not so good. The courses you did not do so well in, did you learn anything? The fact remains you are here, and God is asking will you trust me? Will you trust me with the unknown? Will you trust me with your inabilities and trust me to optimize on your capabilities? Will you allow me to finish your story? Will you trust me with this new path? Will you trust what I have placed within you? Will you trust me for the master plan? Will you step out of the boat, keeping your eyes on nothing and only me?

Some of us want to stay in school forever because we do not want to grow up. We will stay in the safety of school where responsibility is limited. Your knowledge makes you responsible. Your relationship with God makes you responsible. The principle of learning and education is to obtain it, share it, execute it. Education is not all learned from books within a classroom. There is on the job training, life training, and social training. We also learn by trial and error. In other words, you may try something, and it may not work that particular way, or you may make a mistake along the way. But you try it again another way.

Some may not think you deserve your new position because you did not have to go through the political policies and procedures they did. They forget they were once in your very position waiting for an opportunity to be the person God created them to be. To be fully actualized into their calling. Never mind that you went through personal training of the Holy Spirit. The life of hard knocks. We are all different learners, with different skills, with different life scenarios that shaped us into who we are. We do not fit the same mold; our tests are not the same, our purpose is not the same and the route God takes us on is not the same. The only common goal we have been called to is to give glory to God however that looks for each of us. God gave you permission to breathe and live out purpose when you were extracted from your mother’s womb. When we became born again, the permission to breathe and live rebirthed an even-higher calling. Acts 17:28a, “For in Him we live, we move and have our being.” So the changing of guard is upon you. Will you move into position? Will you hold up the banner?

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