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Black Woman

Black Woman...From the heart of the Father....Today you are crowned with the glory of promise. Oppressed of all. Queen you are the mother of many nations...For years you nursed your children while forced to nurse the children of those who once enslaved you and your children and your men. Your voice was taken...your homes broken -rejected by not just the masses but rejected by your own. You are the silenced prophets, pastors and teachers, you are the ushers that maintained order , the Sunday school teachers and nursery workers...the backbone and pillars of the church...But silenced no more...You have been the singers and prayer warriors and intercessors...You have been the sister, auntie, and friend... the community and neighborhood mothers and grandmothers to all....

Your tears are being accounted for. Your alms remembered. With grace and dignity you still cheered on your men and all men and women throughout the ages. You above all have shown mercy. You define beauty. You define strength. You define grace. You define love. You are my glory. Daughter of Zion. Daughter of Zion. Rise from every corner of the earth rise.... shine with the glory and power endowed by the Spirit of God. You represent how the first shall be last and the last shall be first...You are the seed of ancestral promise. You are answered prayers...You are leaders of grace and clothed in humility. You are the peacemakers...What a treasure-a gift- has been opened for the world to see. Still... not all will embrace it but you have been endorsed-anointed by me. You see...weeping endured for a night...but today... it is your morning. God says this is His win. His victory. His glory that cannot be shared with another. Black Woman....Rise and shine for thy light has come...

Black Woman ~Darshan Nicole Williams

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